July 18 and 19, 2015 Weekend In A French Kitchen


I’m continuing to cook with the three French Hens, Chickadee and several other food bloggers in Weekends In a French Kitchen.  http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/about/

This weekend from Daniel Boulud and Dorie Greenspan’s Cafe Boulod Bookbook is Andrew Carmellini’s Bow Tie Pasta with Tomato, Arugula, and Mozzarella.

Andrew Carmellini’s Bow Tie Pasta with Tomato, Arugula, and Mozzarella
Andrew Carmellini’s Bow Tie Pasta with Tomato, Arugula, and Mozzarella

Daughter, son and I enjoyed this dish tremendously. Loved that both cooked and raw tomatoes were in this. I didn’t bother to peel the cherry tomatoes since it seemed like a lot of work and I don’t mind the skins. I got my tomatoes at our local farmers market. The basil and garlic infused olive oil was amazing and added so much to the pasta sauce. I used fresh mozzarella. The argula and parmesan went great with the other ingredients. I will definitely be making this one again.

Up this weekend From a Kitchen In France is Mimi Thorisson’s Cherry Clafoutis


Just out of the oven
Just out of the oven

I couldn’t find orange flower water and after searching on line found that orange liqueur was a good substitute. Since I had some blue Curaco  orange liqueur on hand  I used that. Also vanilla beans are so out of my budget at the moment I used pure vanilla extract instead. I did opt to leave in the pits as suggested by Mimi. First thought was to pit the cherries, but I told my husband what Mimi said in the book about adding flavor to the dish. He asked me why I wanted to remove them then. I said it would be hard to eat having to spit out the seeds. He replied, that when we eat them raw we have to do that, so as long as you warn anyone what’s the big deal. Sometimes he comes up with some good ideas. I couldn’t locate my cake pan when I started this dish so I decided to use a pie dish. The sides puffed up really nice and look pretty to serve in the dish. I sprinkled with confectioners sugar after cooling.

Dusted with confectioners sugar
Dusted with confectioners sugar
Time to dig in
Time to dig in

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with more from Weekends in a French Kitchen. In the meantime if you’d like to see the others thoughts on the dishes from this week check out the  links here: http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/

If you’d like to try the Cherry Clafoutis the recipe is on Mimi’s blog here –  http://mimithorisson.com/2013/07/16/duck-burger-cherry-clafoutis/


7 thoughts on “July 18 and 19, 2015 Weekend In A French Kitchen

  1. Oh, I hope you try the peeled baby cherry tomatoes sometime, they were my favorite part…they were like a burst of sweet tomato without the little bitter edge that the skins have in them. I just threw a handful in the boiling water in the pasta pot for a minute and scooped them out (this was before I put in the pasta), and the skins slid right off! Easy to do and so rewarding. Your pasta and clafoutis dishes look wonderful. Smart deal on that cherry pit deal, I didn’t think about that and I could have gone that route and used that reasoning with the guys here and I’m sure it would have flown. Next time. Maybe, I’m not that big on clafoutis, but you never know. 🙂


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