Cooking from Simple by Diana Henry

During the month of April we cooked from Simple Effortless Food, Big Flavors by Diana Henry in the Food52 Cookbook Club on Facebook. I ordered this book as soon as I found out it was our April pick since I already had one of her other books – Cook Simple: Effortless Cooking Everyday and I loved cooking from it. When the new book arrived upon first flip through I didn’t see that many recipes I thought my family would enjoy. Just before the month of cooking from Simple began I took another longer look through the book and it was soon filled up with little post it flags of recipes that were calling my name. When the month was over I’d already made 25 of the recipes and still have more recipes posted to try in the future.

A few of the recipes I only made for me including several breakfast dishes. Some of them were good but I didn’t enjoy enough to repeat. My faves were: Asparagus Goat Cheese & Warm Butter; Greens with Chili, Olive Oil, Eggs, Feta & Seeds; NY Takeout Noodles with Cucumbers,  Baked Sweet Potato with Chorizo Mushrooms and topped with an egg and Leek, Feta and Sumac Omelette.

I’ve never cooked with Vermouth but my family and I loved most of the recipes I tried from this book that Vermouth was an ingredient. One thing I really like about this book is that ingredients are often used multiple times in different recipes. This makes it easier to use up an ingredient that you purchase for one recipe that might other wise go to waste. Family hits were: Korean Chicken Gochujang Mayo & Sweet-Sour Cucumber; Cool Asian Greens with Hot Asian Dressing; Chicken Piccata; Toasted Brioche With Boozy Mushrooms; and Pork Chops with Mustard and Capers. Vermouth was in the Chicken Piccata, Boozy Mushrooms, and Pork Chops with Mustard and Capers. It was also in a salmon dish but I was the only one who liked that one and it wasn’t a favorite.

Daughter and I enjoyed the Blackberry Caraway Slaw and the guys the Honeyed Sausages from Honeyed Sausages with Blackberry Caraway Slaw. The slaw was gorgeous as well. A couple more favorites of daughter and myself were; Orzo with Lemon & Parsley; and Goat Cheese & Roast Grape Tartine. Son and I enjoyed the Hard Cider Rarebit even though we’ve tried another Rarebit recipe we liked a little more we’d still be happy to eat this one again.

One recipe, Tomatoes Potatoes Vermouth with Basil Creme Fraiche was a super hit. One bite had my daughter exclaiming – Holy cow these are the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Most of the rest of the family including me had to agree they were delicious.


Hope you enjoyed my favorites list of recipes I’ve tried so far from Simple. We’re cooking from Small Victories by Julia Turshen in the Food52 group this month (May). I also cooked from Small Victories during March in the facebook group – Cookbook Junkies Cookbook Club. Also during May in the CBJ cookbook club we’re cooking from My Two Souths by Asha Gomez. More about those adventures when I post about Small Victories and My Two Souths after finished cooking this month. My Two Souths is also in the running to be a pick for the Food 52 group in the coming months. If it’s picked I’ll wait till I’ve finished that month to report back about My Two Souths. If you’d like to join either group and are on facebook check them out. I’m loving discovering new recipes while having fun posting about our adventures in these two cookbook clubs. It’s also fun to see what other recipes members are trying and hear their thoughts about the recipes.


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