Weekend in a French Kitchen July 24, 2016


I’ve been lax in participating in the weekend in a French kitchen project this month, but I’m finally back into it. It’s been so hot here in NC lately that I’ve just lost the desire to be in the kitchen for long periods of time. This weeks assignment was to choose a recipe from Mimi’s blog, Manger. I decided on the perfect recipe, strawberry ice cream. I love this recipe and my family did as well. It was a joy to make and so easy. No ice cream freezer was involved. You just blend strawberries in the food processor till smooth. Then whisk some cream till light and fluffy, pour in some condensed milk, the strawberries, and some confectioners sugar. Stir it all up and pour into a glass container. Pop on a lid and pop it in the freezer. The hard part is waiting about 8 hours before you get to devour the deliciousness.  This was so good and easy I plan on trying it with other fruits as well. If you’d like to make some of this for your family you can find the recipe at: http://mimithorisson.com/2015/05/05/oh-so-quiet-in-saint-yzans/

If you’d like to join us in cooking our way through Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France you can find our little group on Facebook at the following link:

Up next weekend in Cooks Choice. Hoping I can find another summer French recipe that won’t heat up the kitchen. Until next time Bon Appétit.



2 thoughts on “Weekend in a French Kitchen July 24, 2016

  1. I’ve been making “no-churn” ice cream, too! I haven’t ventured into the fruit based no churn ice creams, but have made chocolate using chocolate sweetened condensed milk and swirls of homemade fudge sauce and shredded coconut. It’s super smooth and creamy and it doesn’t really “melt”, but turns back into soft whipped cream! I was thinking of trying the fruit, but wondered if the fruit puree made it less creamy and more icy in texture? If you lose some of the fluffy creaminess because of the juice in the fruit?


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