Weekends in a French Kitchen June 5, 2016


Welcome back to my weekend French Kitchen. As I continue to cook from Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France with Tammy, Christy, & Emily and some other food bloggers, this weekend’s recipe is Onion Tart. I used store bought puff pastry for my shell. I forgot to purchase thyme at the first grocery store I stopped at and the next one didn’t have any, so I used some dried. This was still an amazing tart. For my onions I used Vidalia onions since they are plentiful in our markets right now and my family loves them. Even my picky husband loved this tart but he insisted it was dessert. My daughter and I ate it along with a salad and it made a wonderful supper on a hot day. Not only is this one good hot it’s also delicious cold.

Ready for the oven: 101_2221

”TammyIf you’d like to join us in our French weekend cooking journey of cooking our way through A Kitchen in France check out the Facebook group at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weekendinafrenchkitchen/
Until next time Bon Appétit.


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