Weekends in a French Kitchen April 24, 2016


This weekend is Cooks Choice weekend and that means we can make a recipe from Mimi that we missed or even choose another French Cookbook to cook from. I decided to make Vanilla Cheesecakes with Fresh Strawberry Compote from Le French Oven by Hillary Davis. Delicious!

Hillary Davis knows a lot about French cuisine and has several French cookbooks out. I was thrilled to receive this one when it first came out to do a review.  The review is also here on my blog. This cookbook is all about cooking in French dutch ovens and mini cocottes, which these cheese cakes were made in.

I only had one complaint about these cheese cakes hubby and some of the family missed them not having a crust. The compote was on the sweet side, but when eaten with the cake and a fresh sliced strawberry on top it worked. If you have time be sure and check out some of Hillary Davis’ cookbooks as they are filled with delightful recipes.


”TammyIf you’d like more information about how to join us in our weekend French Kitchens check out the Facebook page at:
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Do come join me next time in my weekend French kitchen when I’ll be cooking once again from Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France.
























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