Sweet Potato Lady’s at my Library

My daughter works at our public library and knowing how much I love cookbooks, as soon as she found out she let me know that Stephanie Tyson,  and her co-owner, of Sweet Potatoes, Well Shut My Mouth a restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC, Vivian Joiner was coming to the library for an event. I immediately asked for a vacation day for that Sat. in case we had to work so I could go. Stephanie is also the author of two cookbooks, Well, Shut My Mouth! and Soul Food Odyssey. As soon as we learned of the even hubby ordered me a copy of each book from Amazon. The day they arrived I read them from cover to cover. I soon found not only do these books contain wonderful recipes they are a joy to read as well.


On the day of the event I talked my hubby into going treasure hunting at a few thrift stores, then to a new to us bakery in our area, for a little something sweet, and to a local coffee shop we’ve been meaning to try out for a cup to go with our treat. Next we were off to the event where we chatted with our daughter a bit. She was later able to join us  in the meeting room for the presentation. All three of us enjoyed Chef Stephanie and her partner’s informative talk. They both graciously answered questions and shared their experiences about owning a restaurant. They shared a love of cooking,  how to pass cooking on to the next generation, and how food influences our lives as well as their journey to owning their own restaurant.


In preparation for the event I cooked three recipes from Stephanie’s cookbooks – Three Little Pigs, which was a Bacon wrapped pork loin stuffed with chopped BBQ pork with BBQ Jus,  Garlic Smashed Potatoes, and Spicy Collard Greens. Everything was delicious and when I told Stephanie and Vivian what I’d cooked they were delighted I’d tried the three little pigs recipe.

Afterwards I was able to get both of my cookbooks,  signed by Chef Tyson, and my picture made with her. We also got to sample some pies they brought along (Sweet Potato, Coconut Pineapple,  and Pecan, and some ginger snap cookies. All three of us loved the Coconut Pineapple Pie. Hubby and I enjoyed the sweet potato pie, and daughter and I, a Ginger Snap cookie. None of us tried the Pecan as we didn’t want to be pigs.

I had the most amazing day. Now I want to eat at Sweet Potatoes restaurant. I’m planning a couple more vacation days near by birthday and told hubby I’d like to celebrate with lunch one of those days at Sweet Potatoes and he agreed. I’m sure looking forward to that and maybe some more thrift store treasure hunting.

More exciting news, if you follow along here you know how much I’ve been enjoying cooking with Cook the Book on Facebook.  Cook the Book with Denise and Jenni is a (mostly) monthly live-streaming (on Blab, moderated by Chef Dennis), bi-coastal cookalong . The hosts are Denise Vivaldo in Los Angeles and Jenni Field outside of Raleigh, NC. Each month, they  feature a different cookbook and cookbook author. The goal is to always have the author cooking live along with either Denise or Jenni in their kitchen. Well guess who April’s author is? If you guessed Stephanie Tyson you’d be right.  Her and Vivian Joiner will be cooking live with Jenni in Jenni’s kitchen and Denise will be cooking live in her Los Angeles kitchen, and I’ll be cooking along at my home. While the events so far have been on Sat. 4:00 PM EST, this event will be on Sunday April 17 at 4:00 PM EST. You could join in the fun as well.  If you participate by cooking the designated recipe and share a picture of the finished dish on the Facebook page after the event, you have a chance of winning your own autographed copy of Soul Food Odyssey. I love my copy! All the information about the event should be on the Cook the Book page soon. Check it out at the following link and come join us, it’s a blast! You can even see links where you can watch some of the past events. I’ve cooked along with all so far and they’ve been so much fun. I did have to work one of the times, but I was able to watch after I got home and enjoy the recipe I had put in my slow cooker before I left for work.




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