Weekends in a French Kitchen Mar. 6, 2016


This weeks recipe from Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France is Potato Pie with Comte Cheese.


I had trouble finding Comte cheese but upon doing some research I found that Gruyere is a good substitute so I got that. The recipe calls for a double recipe of the tart dough from page 79. The dough didn’t seem to want to come together at first and was a bit crumbly. After refrigerating  for the called for time I  got it to roll out to the desired size for my pie dish. I opted not to make the decorations for the top.


My daughter fell in love with this pie and I though it was fantastic as well. Son didn’t care for it as he’s not a big fan of cooked onions. I liked Mimi’s tip to use a chop stick to poke a vent hole in the center of the pie, as it worked perfectly. Mimi says to serve the pie warm or cold. When we first ate some of the pie we ate it warm and it was delicious. I divided what was left between my daughter and I for a couple work lunches each. I took some to work the next day and ate it straight from the cooler and Mimi was right it’s delicious cold as well.


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