Weekends in a French Kitchen Feb. 8, 2016

This weekends selection is tea eggs from Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France.  I’ve always thought these were lovely and never realized they aren’t that hard to make. It does take a little time though. The eggs are boiled first at a gentle boil. Next you mix your tea, water, and spices, and bring the eggs to a boil in the mixture, and let simmer for several hours. I only made a half recipe of eggs, 6, but did the full tea mixture since a half recipe didn’t completely cover the eggs. Once they were cooled enough to handle I peeled three. Daughter and I ate two of them and they were good. We really couldn’t taste the spices much though, which may have been a good thing since neither of us are big star anise fans in large amounts.


They didn’t have a dark color so I decided to let the other three sit in the tea mixture overnight and then reheat as was an option in the recipe.  I then peeled the last three and  they were a bit darke,r but not much. Son and I ate two of these. These didn’t taste any stronger. Son said they were pretty but just tasted like a hard boiled egg.



The insides of the shells looked amazing though.


This was a fun project. I was happy that is was our selection for this Sunday’s Weekend in a French Kitchen. If you’d like to join us or just follow along our our French cooking journey check out the details at: http://weekendsinafrenchkitchen.com




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