Weekends in a French Kitchen Jan. 31, 2016


As we continue to cook through A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson, this weekend is  a Cooks Choice weekend. That means we can do a make up on one of Mimi’s recipes we missed, choose a recipe that hasn’t been made yet from the book, make another French recipe, or whatever as long as it’s French related. I decided to do a make up recipe, Vol-au-Vent, which was the selection for Jan. 10. The main reason I didn’t do the recipe then was that it calls for sweetbreads, and I didn’t have a clue where to find them around here, or even if I wanted to eat them. After realizing the other members of our group omitted the sweetbreads, I decided to do that as well.


I had a half pound of frozen puff pastry in my freezer so I decided to only make half of the shells to hold the recipe, since it would only be son and I eating them anyway. I knew hubby wouldn’t touch this as he doesn’t like chicken. I did make a whole recipe of the chicken, but only half for the sauce and mushrooms since at first I’d only planned to do a half recipe. I used a wild mix of mushrooms I found at my local grocery store. It would have been nice with the whole amount of mushrooms though. I used Brandy instead of the armagnac called for since I read that it was a good substitute and that’s what I had on hand.

I also omitted some of the spices since I’m not a fan of cloves in savoury dishes. I did use the nutmeg though. Also I used sour cream instead of Crème fraîche.  I ended up having to use dried thyme since somehow between the grocery store and home I managed to loose a package of fresh thyme. I really loved this dish, but son said he didn’t care for it and I was really surprised at that. The chicken was super tender and I loved the flavors.

Want to see what the other Weekend in a French Kitchen members are up to then check out this link:


Until next time Bon Appetit!


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