Foodies Read Challenge Jan. 2016


I have read two foodie books so far for the foodies read challenge both are by J. J. Cook, which is  a pseudonym for the married couple Joyce and Jim Lavine. They write what I consider cozy mysteries.

The first book was the third in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries series, In Hot Water. I have also read the previous two. In this series the new Fire Chief Stella Stella Griffin  is assisted by the former fire chef, now a ghost who only a few people can see, one of which is Stella. The two team up to solve crimes and the ghost can even cook. His specialities involve some of the hottest peppers grown in Sweet Pepper, Tennessee. The books include recipes usually involving peppers. In this book the two have to team up to try and save the cabin they both live in while solving a murder.

Fry Another Day (Biscuit Bo...

Fry Another Day is the next book I read.  This is the second book in the Biscuit Bowl Mysteries series. I also read the first one. In this series a restaurant owner purchases a food truck, she names the Biscuit Bowl after her speciality, biscuit dough made into bowls, which are then deep fried and filled with savoury or sweet fillings.  In Fry Another Day, Zoe Chase, a Southern food truck chef, who also solves crimes, enters her Biscuit Bowl truck in a food truck reality show contest. The contest starts out in Charlotte, NC and ends up in Zoe’s hometown of Mobile, Alabama. Zoe is assisted in crime solving by her cat, Creme Brulee and a host of other interesting  characters. Another light fun read which includes recipes. This book even tells you how to make her famous biscuit bowls.

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