Weekend In a French Kitchen Jan. 17


It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in  Weekend in a French Kitchen in cooking through Mimi Thorisson’s, A Kitchen In France. I had hoped to make the scallops for the Dec 13 event, but endive is almost impossible to find here, and large scallops were outrageously priced.  We love scallops so I do hope to make this one sometime in the future. Things got busy here with the holidays and even though we took a couple weeks off from weekend in a French Kitchen, I couldn’t seem to get back into the recipes. I skipped the Vol-au-Vent since I didn’t want to eat sweet breads, even if I could find them, but after seeing how a couple of the others just omitted them and went on with the recipe I know I’ll also be trying this one soon.


This weekend seemed the perfect time to delve back into Mimi’s wonderful world of cooking. Roast Guinea Hen with Herbs was our selection. My mom used to raise guinea’s among other fowl, and we often enjoyed eating them and their eggs. Since I don’t have a source for guinea now I decided to use a chicken. I couldn’t find the size called for, 3 pounds, so I got the smallest one I could find which was almost six pounds. I ended up cooking it a bit longer to make up for the bigger size. I decided to take heed to Mimi’s note at the bottom of the recipe to roast potatoes along with the chicken, and both were delicious. I didn’t have duck fat so I used the option of substituting EVOO on both the chicken and potatoes.

To go with our chicken and potatoes I made Kimchi Creamed Collard Greens from Hugh Acheson’s The Broad Fork and they were delicious. Of course being southern I couldn’t eat collards without cornbread so that also became part of our delicious meal.


If you’d like to join us or see what others are cooking check out the link at http://weekendsinafrenchkitchen.com

Until next time Bon Appetit.


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