Weekend in a French Kitchen Nov. 15


This is the first weekend of our plan to concentrate on cooking though just Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France. This weekend’s scheduled recipe was Seared Foie Gras with Grapes and Figs (p. 179). Since not many people seemed interesting in making this dish we were given the option of doing a Cooks Choice weekend instead. Since I can’t find Foie Gras here and I have heard such horror stories about how the goose is treated to get the liver to be the way it is, I decided to go with the Cooks choice weekend. I could have used the substitution of chicken liver, but then again I’m really not supposed to eat those for heath reasons.

I was on vacation when the Chocolate Tart came into rotation and I have been planning on making that since daughter and I are chocolate lovers. I took my tart pan and some of the ingredients I needed with me on vacation, but let the week get away from me without making the recipe. I decided this was the perfect time to make a Chocolate Tart and I’m happy I did since it was delicious. I decided to forgo the bells and whistles for the recipe and not make the Vanilla Mascarpone Cream nor the Salted Carmamel and just serve it plain. Maybe next time I’ll go all the way and add all the toppings.


This tart suited my daughter and I just fine. We both agreed that it almost tastes like a chocolate truffle, which we adore. The crust is fantastic as well.


Since I didn’t have almond flour I ground up some almonds. I went ahead and made a full recipe for the tart dough even though I only needed one crust. I used the other one to make my son and hubby a pumpkin pie since son doesn’t like chocolate and they both love pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie in Mimi's tart crust
Pumpkin pie in Mimi’s tart crust

As always if you’d like to join us on our French cooking adventures please visit: http://weekendsinafrenchkitchen.com/ for more information. Also if you’re interested in making the Chocolate tart, the recipe is online with a review of this fabulous cookbook at the following link: http://www.asavoryfeast.com/chocolate-tart-a-kitchen-in-france/

I want to add that my thoughts and prayers have been with the people of France this weekend after the horrific acts that have taken place there. I pray that all the terrorists stop these horrible crimes against the world. It’s just so sad when innocent people are senselessly killed no matter where they are from.


One thought on “Weekend in a French Kitchen Nov. 15

  1. Your chocolate tart looks wonderful! I am making this recipe for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dessert…I can’t wait to eat it!! My family has voted this recipe “the best dessert on the planet”! I highly recommend the caramel sauce and cream…just over the top wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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