Weekend in a French Kitchen Oct. 10 & 11


The Cafe Boulud recipe for this weekend is Bugnes de Lyon. Upon reading the title I had no idea what was in store for us. After reading the introduction I found that it’s a fried dough that is famous throughout France, Switzerland and even the US in New Orleans. They are just known in different places by different names. It’s a simple not overly sweet dough with few ingredients. The orange zest gives them a wonderful aroma as well as taste. After frying they are dusted with confectioners sugar. Hubby thought they needed more sugar in the dough for his palate though.

Trying to make knots
Trying to make knots

This is David’s mothers recipe and he goes on to instruct you on how to make them into the knots she made, but he also says you can cut them into other shapes as well. I decided to try my hand at making the handkerchief-like knots. Mine didn’t look like much before frying so I decided to stop making them and just cut into squares, diamonds and even a few I rolled into balls. Once they were fried though they did start to actually look more like handkerchiefs.

This is a recipe you have to plan ahead for though since the dough needs to rest in the fridge for at least an hour to overnight. I made mine in the intentions of frying them for our breakfast but our plans changed and we ended up eating breakfast with our daughter and son-in-law so they became a afternoon snack instead. While these are best served warm they were still quiet tasty once cooled.

Some of my better looking attempts.
Some of my better looking attempts.

Mimi’s recipe for this week from A Kitchen in France was Quail Grilled over Grapevines. We do have Quail here which we call Bob Whites, but they are getting rather scarce so I didn’t have to go that route. I had hoped to get Cornish Hens and continue with the recipe since we have lots of grapevines growing in this area, but as usual I let time slip away and didn’t get the ingredients I needed. Maybe this is another one I’ll save for another time.

As usual if you’d like to join us or see how the other bloggers fared you can visit http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/


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