Weekend in a French Kitchen Oct. 3 & 4, 2015


The recipe for this weekend for the Cafe Boulud Cookbook was Cremini and Fontina Tart. I had plans to make it but came up empty when I tried to find Fontina at my local Food Lion. Sometimes they have it and more often they don’t. I hadn’t done any research like I usually do to see what a good substitute was. I later learned that one of the other bloggers found Gouda was a good substitute. I hope to make this dish soon with either Fontina or Gouda.

I did on the other hand make the recipe from A Kitchen in France which was Soupe au Pistou. This was the perfect weekend to make this wonderful soup since it was a rainy Autumn one here in NC. My daughter and I loved this soup but hubby, son, and son-in-law wouldn’t touch it. Their loss.

Soupe au Pistou
Soupe au Pistou

Since I had to buy 16 ounce bags of the two beans (I chose Dark Red Kidney and Great Northern), I cooked the other half of the Northern ones for my hubby and made him some cornbread to go with, which he greatly enjoyed. Son-in-law was feeling bad so he had chicken noodle and son wasn’t here at supper time.

Back to the Soup – my grocery was out of leeks so I just used the onions. Three onions seemed a bit much so I did two large and instead of just slicing them like the author suggests I cut mine in half before slicing to have more manageable pieces in the soup. I used small shells instead of small elbows since they’re just more fun, don’t you think? I used Roma tomatoes and didn’t seed the ones for the soup but did for the Pistou. I peeled them for both by immersing them in boiling water for a few minutes then into cold. After that the peels slipped off very easily.  I loved using my mortar and pestle to make the Pistou. My daughter and son-in-law got me this great toy for Christmas one year. I also got to use another gift from another Christmas from them – micro plane zester for grating the Parmesan. They get me the greatest toys to use in cooking. Do they know me or what?


Be aware that this recipe makes a huge quantity. Daughter and I had huge bowls and we still had about three quarts leftover to divide between us. I took a hint from one of the other food bloggers and stirred the leftover pistou into the leftover soup before putting in storage containers for daughter and I. We both plan on taking some for our work lunches this week along with some extra Parmesan for sprinkling on the reheated soup.

While I’m loving both these great cookbooks I think I’m enjoying Mimi’s even more than I thought I would. You know I don’t think I’d have purchased this book had it not been for this challenge and I’m so thankful to the Three French Hens for inviting us home cooks along on this great French cooking journey. I see more wonderful meals in our future. If you’d like to see what bloggers are joining us check out the atlas on the Weekend in a French Kitchen web site. Also you can see what others are cooking and how they are enjoying the recipes and what recipes are coming up as we continue on this journey. And by all means if you’re so inclined grab a copy of one or both these great cookbooks and join as. Check it all out here – http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/ Until next time, Bon Appétit!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in a French Kitchen Oct. 3 & 4, 2015

  1. Sounds like you had fun w/this one….as Tammy mentioned already, Gruyere would be an excellent sub for the cheese, and really….Gruyere is simply wonderful anyway. I agree varied shapes of pasta are fun. The beans/corn muffins you made for family is not a bad compromise either.


  2. Your soup looks and sounds delicious Joan. I wish I were your neighbor so I could help you eat all the leftovers! I am looking forward to making this recipe soon. I agree with you about Mimi’s cookbook. I am so happy to have bought it and I’m loving all the recipes we’ve made so far.


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