Weekend In a French Kitchen a make up recipe originally for Sept 6


As I continue cooking with the members of A Weekend in a French Kitchen, the September 6  recipe from A Kitchen in France was Tuna Rillettes (p. 96). I knew I wouldn’t be able to find tuna belly in our little corner of rural NC  and was sure I’d be able to find it while on vacation. I thought for sure it would be available at one of the many seafood markets on the Outer Banks. I discovered last week while on vacation that was a misconception on my part. At the first one Risky Business Seafood Market in Avon they told me that tuna belly was either thrown out with the trash or sold at a very high price to a Japanese market to use in making sushi. I decided to try another one – Buxton Seafood Market where the owner thought I wanted it for fish bait. He told me he would have some flounder belly which the fish loved and would save it for me if I wanted to come back. I ended up getting a nice fresh tuna steak instead.

I made the recipe and put in it the fridge overnight as suggested. The next day we had some on Black Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits and it was delicious. We dug in so fast I didn’t even get a photo of it on the crackers.

Tuna Rillettes
Tuna Rillettes

The day after that I had a tuna melt on a sesame seed bun using some of the Tuna Rilletes. I used Muenster Cheese and it was delicious. Daughter had one on an English Muffin and she enjoyed hers as well.  Although I was late to the party this was worth waiting for some really fresh tuna to prepare this delightful dish.

Tuna Melt
Tuna Melt

If you’d like to join us in cooking from this amazing cookbook as well as the Cafe Boulud Cookbook which is also outstanding or to see what the other members of Weekend In a French Kitchen are cooking please visit: http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/

I’m looking forward to finding out what recipes are in store for us in October.


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