Weekend In a French Kitchen Aug. 29 & 30


Since this month had 5 weekends The Three French Hens decided to make the fifth weekend in any month a Cooks Choice weekend. We can either do a make up recipe we missed or pick any recipe from the books that haven’t been made yet. Isn’t that a fun idea? I sure though so.

I had planned a recipe from Daniel Boulud’s, Cafe Boulud Cookbook. I decided on the braised carrot recipe to go with a roast and mashed potatoes I was making for Sunday Supper. I didn’t realize that the oven temps for the roast and carrots were miles apart and both dishes took around an hour or so to make. I decided at the last minute to forgo the Boulud recipe this week and just make my carrots on top of the stove.

I did get my cooks choice recipe from  Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France made a few weeks ago though. Since heirloom tomatoes are abundant in our Framers markets and local produce stands, I decided to make her Tomato Tart from page 92. Every summer I try several new to me tomato pie and tart recipes. Son, daughter and I love tomato pies and tarts. I’ve tried some really great ones over the years and there a few I still try to make again each year. Mimi’s version is a little different from the southern tomato pies we’re used to though since most of them have mayonnaise in them. I really enjoyed this one, but son thought a bit sweet for him even though there was only a tablespoon of honey involved.  We’d never tried one that had a drizzle of honey on it before. I purchased local honey.

Tomato Tart
Tomato Tart

I liked the basil oil which consisted of EVOO, basil, grainy mustard, and salt which was blended together. This and tomato paste were painted on the unbaked tart shell. I used Mimi’s tart dough recipe from page 79. I made the dough the day before and it was really hard to roll straight out of the fridge, so I microwaved it for about 15 seconds and it rolled out perfectly.

Another difference in this tart recipe and the tomato pies and tarts I’ve made before is that the mozzarella is added after it is baked and rests for about 15 minutes. While it was delicious still warm, I think it was even better the next day cold for my lunch. I’d eat this one again.

If you’d like to see what the other bloggers participating in Weekend in a French Kitchen chose for their Cooks Choice recipes, or to join us in cooking from these two wonderful books, please visit: http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/

Hopefully I’ll see you next weekend in my French Kitchen.


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