Weekend in a French Kitchen Aug. 8 & 9. 2015

”TammyI’m a little late in getting my blog post written for the Aug. 8 & 9th’s Weekend in a French Kitchen’s recipes due to an illness in the family and another long work week. The recipe from A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson was Duck Breast Grilled Over Grapevines. I would have loved to have tried this recipe but no duck to be found in my area. Grapevines on the other hand are right down the road at my Dad’s. I do hope to try this one someday though if I’m ever lucky enough to find some duck at a reasonable price.

I did find the time to make Daniel Boulud’s recipe from Cafe Boulud, which was Trao-Mad with Peach Compote.

Trao-Mad with Peach Compote
Trao-Mad with Peach Compote

When I first saw the title of the recipe I had no idea what was in store for me. Was pleased to learn it is a cookie with the peach compote. I decided to make a half recipe of the cookies since 32 cookies sounded like quiet a lot. After tasting a cookie both with and without the compote I realized that was a mistake since they are delicious. I didn’t have almond flour so I took the author’s tip to grind some almonds up in my food processor. I love the taste the almonds gave to the other ingredients in the cookie. I hope to try the leftover compote either on pancakes on hot southern biscuits. I skipped the step of dipping the peaches in boiling water then cold before peeling since my peaches were so ripe they were easy to peel with my fingers. I got some great ones at our local farmers market. I also had saffron on hand since I’d gotten some at Trader Joes awhile back for Ina Garten’s delicious tomato soup.

Ready to dig in
Ready to dig in

If you’d like to see what the other bloggers thought of these two recipes or to join in the fun you can visit http://weekendinafrenchkitchen.com/

Next weekend’s recipes are Lacquered Chicken with Noodle Salad (p. 234) from Cafe Boulud  Cookbook and Pistachio Sabayon with Strawberries and Meringues (p. 144) from A Kitchen in France.


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