Review: In a French Kitchen

In a French Kitchen

I have a few of Susan Herrmann Loomis’s cookbooks and they are fun to read as well as cook from. I was thrilled awhile back when a surprise package arrived in the mail. Not expecting anything I was delighted to open it to find I’d won an advanced reader copy of this book from Library Thing and Penguin Random House. The hardback one came out this month.

I really enjoyed reading about some of the authors friends and neighbours, and how they treat and cook food. They also share with her their tips and secrets of how they turn every meal into a delicious occasion. Included in the book are eighty-five recipes. Some of the recipes included are Sausages with Tomatoes and Golden Rice, Chocolate and Raspberry Tart, Blue Cheese Quiche, Mushroom Ragout with Sage on Toast, Sautéed Cherries, and Nectarine Sorbet to name a few. Many of the recipes are simple and easy to prepare. Many of her French friends want to get to the best part, eating while savouring every bite. Other dishes may take more time but those to are enjoyed with family or friends and good conversation.

I think the French were eating Farm to Table long before it became a trend. They utilize what’s in season, things they have on hand, and what’s available in their markets when meal planning. I would recommend this book to anyone interesting in French cooking or anyone who loves to cook and/or eat.


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