Review: Pure Food

Pure Food – Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes
Author: Veronica BosgraafI

When I requested this book I was thinking it would be filled with vegetarian recipes utilizing vegetables and fruits for each season. Although I’m not a vegetarian I do enjoy vegetarian meals often and I’m trying to eat healthier and feed my family that way too. While the book does include vegetables and fruits for each season, what I didn’t know was it contains  many vegan and gluten free recipes that really don’t interest me. Many of the recipes use almond milk which I don’t care for, but I can always substitute regular milk.

The book doesn’t contain many pictures. It has a few in a section in about the middle of the book. The ones that are there are gorgeous though.

I do enjoy the fact that the recipes are arranged by months as I enjoy being able to find recipes that call for ingredients that are seasonal. While many of the recipes don’t suit my families tastes, I did find a few that I would like to try including the one I made for our supper recently – Apple Walnut French Toast. Hubby and I really enjoyed this one. I did opt to use skim milk instead of almond milk.  I couldn’t find walnut extract so I substituted almond extract instead.

Apple Walnut French Toast
Apple Walnut French Toast

While this book is overall not to my tastes I’m sure vegans and those looking for gluten free recipes would enjoy this book.

Author Bio

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


7 thoughts on “Review: Pure Food

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  1. My husband was recently diagnosed with Celiacs ( sp?) and has to go gluten free. This book might help me find a few recipes that both he and I could eat. Thank you for the review.


  2. We are turning more and more into vegetarians maybe because we simply like it or maybe it’s because our doctor can hardly believe what a difference 6 months has made, husband has now no cholesterol issues, my liver has practically repaired itself so veg cook books are always on our shelf


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