Review: Come Home to Supper by Christy Jordan

I loved Christy’s first cookbook and love this one as well. I like that it’s so affordable. This is simple southern cooking at it’s best. Christy’s recipes remind me of the kinds of recipes I grew up on and continue to cook for my family. I love to cook and on the weekends I enjoy more complicated and time consuming recipes and even sometimes tackle a gourmet recipe. During the work week I come home exhausted and just want to prepare a simple but filling recipe and this book gives me lots of those. I like that there are slow cooker options for many recipes included in this book too. There’s nothing like coming home to a meal already prepared or mostly prepared and ready to dig into.

Sticky Chicken

If you enjoy reading your cookbooks as I do you’ll also enjoy the little stories and inspirational messages Christy includes. I’ve made 32 of the recipes in this book so far and we’ve enjoyed them all. I’ve added a few photos of some of the dishes we’ve enjoyed.

Beef Burrito
Beef Burrito

I love that she gives you the option and recipes to make some of the things homemade instead of using things like Jared gravy or canned soup. I’m not against using those things to make my life simpler either but often homemade not only tastes better but is healthier and cheaper as well. I also have ingredients for the coming week to make Pizza Rolls, Steak Tips over Rice, and the Simple Fruit Crisp. I have lots more recipes marked and ingredient lists prepared for the coming weeks. Thanks Christy for helping me Come Home to Supper!

Barbecue Beef Sandwiches
Barbecue Beef Sandwiches

20 thoughts on “Review: Come Home to Supper by Christy Jordan

  1. Nice review, Joan. I’ve got both her books (first one thanks 2 U) and find them very easy to use. So far I’ve only made one recipe from this book and it was a chili recipe. It was excellent. Very simple and delicious. Glad to know they are all good. I’ll be coming from it again soon.

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  2. Well you’ve sold me on another cookbook, Joan! We do have very similar tastes in cookbooks. This one sounds wonderful and one that I would enjoy reading as well as cooking from. Those are the rare ones that are good for both uses. The sticky chicken looks yummy. What’s in the glaze or sauce?


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